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Advertise - Professional Registry Of Verified Employees


Are you a business with a focus on knowledge workers?  Are you a demand generation marketer focused on leads of skilled knowledge workers? A brand marketer looking to raise awareness within the knowledge workers segment? ...A little bit of all above?
We can help you reach your target audience. We can connect your brand with the knowledge worker professionals that are not only vetted but also those looking to connect with you. 
There are lots of ways to spend your digital advertising budget today; but, have you considered us? 
Advertising with us is a great choice for many businesses. Below, we’ll explore why you should consider it and provide you with a walk-through of how you benefit most. 
Why Us -
We are an Open value network measuring the identity and reputation of the knowledge workers. It is a platform to connect verified and assessed knowledge workers with recruiters overseas. The platform actively seeks collaborative partnerships to evolve into an ecosystem in the space of labor recruitment globally. It is easy to compare us with existing platforms, therefore it is important to clarify -
- We are not a typical social network; but, it isn’t a true content platform, either.
- We are focused on C2C and B2C connections; so, marketers tend to think of us as B2B only.
- We are a much, much smaller audience that focuses on promoting knowledge capital, but we are not a recruitment company.
- We lack the integration of professional bid management platforms,because our approach is a one-on-one connect .
- Seeking opportunities in countries other than their own is among the top motives driving users to us.
You should consider us, if taking your brand to a million plus powerful knowledge worker community is of importance to you.
Is Advertising With Us Right For You?
Now that you know why you should consider us for advertising, it’s time to figure out if the platform would be a good fit for your needs.
Our audience includes senior-decision makers at work and people with high levels of education and financial net worth who are already engaging and looking for opportunities overseas. For instance, all our members have a college degree with a minimum of 4 years of work experience. In addition, 93 percent have travelled abroad at least once. All registered candidates are looking for employment opportunities abroad and/or open to migrating permanently. Our audience has 2x the buying power of the average web audience and 4 out of 5 members have been actively searching for opportunities abroad since past year. 
Before you make a decision, here are a few key questions (see below). If you can answer “yes” to any of them, maybe collaborating with us could be the right choice :
1. Do I know the country specific opportunities my target audience is looking for? 
Since our platform offers targeting by those looking for country specific opportunities, it can help you pinpoint your audience. For example, if you are am country specific immigration specialist, looking to target individuals looking to migrate in your country, this targeting option would enable you to focus your efforts on the individuals who have “ looking for opportunities in " as their country preference. As you can see below, there are over (xxxxx) of them already on ProveIT. (Provide screenshot)
2. Do I know the authenticity of where my target audience worked?
This targeting method could be used for a number of different purposes. Organizations could tap into it for recruiting by using it to target verified only employees. It could also be used for a targeted sales approach as it can get your brand in front of the right people at a company you are trying to sell to. In addition, this targeting option could be a great job search tool — individuals could use it to get their name in front of decisions makers at a firm or a recruiter they want to work for.
3. Does my target audience have the unique skills/interests?
The ability to target by skills and/or interest is great for all kinds of professional businesses. For example, a vendor of analytics software could use it to target individuals who have competitive software or specific analytics languages listed in the skills section of their work profile that has been vetted by us. 
4. Do I know the type of role my target audience holds at a company, or their level of seniority?
This might sound like a stereotype, but targeting by role can be very useful, as it allows you to gauge a person’s influence level and salary.
5. Do I know the attitude /Temperament or the personality type of the candidate I would like to get in touch with? 
Often peeking into the social media profiles of prospective clients is a routine exercise to arrive at a behavioural analysis of an individual,  but that is not enough. A lengthy 360 degree psychometric assessment report of the candidate may just be the physical documentation you may need to make the informed decision.
Why not get in touch with us, for a detailed analysis and to know more? 
Jubi Ramchandran +91 9819477558
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