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Member Services - Professional Registry Of Verified Employees

Member Services


Service Features & Benefits::


  • Previous Work Experience ( Resume Verification ) and Work Performance Appraisals - (5250/- Rs)Buy Now

  • Psychometric Assessment - Foreign Employment Suitability Test (to assess eligibility criteria for foreign employment) - (1800/- Rs)Buy Now

  • Immigration & Visa related Counselling by eminent attorneys - (5000/- Rs 3 hours)Buy Now

  • Due Diligence Verification of a Foreign Employer (4500/- Rs per employer)Buy Now

  • Foreign Staffing Agency Employment Contract Validation - Verifying Employment Offer & Employment Agreement - (1500/- Rs)Buy Now

  • Work Visa petition documentation - (5000/- Rs)Buy Now

  • Real-time relevant profile recommendations based on skills, industry and location specific user profiles - (Free) 

  • Announce availability & expected Salary on the profile page to receive direct offers from recruiters without the job brokers. - (Free) 

  • Send Unlimited Inmail directly to recruiters globally - (Free) 

  • Featured Profile strategically placed on the relevant recruiter wall - (Free)