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Data Privacy - Professional Registry Of Verified Employees

Data Privacy

Scope of this Privacy Policy
Our is a service intended through a variety of different applications to improve and simplify users' professional lives. The participation in these applications gives users the best possible user experience and the widest range of functionality. With the boundaries between our professional and private lives becoming ever more intertwined, and correlations occurring between the two, we are focused not only on a professional context but also includes applications in a private context. We are particularly interested in opening up new capabilities for users (primarily in a professional context, but also in their private lives), making it easier for them to form horizontal networks, democratising information, fostering the exchange of information, and supporting lifelong learning. In order to fulfil these aims, we makes offers, recommendations and services available to its users, often on the basis of data it has collected, and encourages interaction – both within and beyond a user’s network. The applications that make up the service include, in particular, the social network where users can acquire a membership, a "connecting foreign recruiters with local talent platform" and an "foreign employer job announcements platform". 
This Privacy Policy shall apply to the entire service (including all applications) on this website. 
Duty to provide and necessity of personal data for contract closure
You are not legally required to make your personal data available. Nevertheless, in order to close a user contract you must provide information such as your name and e-mail address. Without this information we are not able to enter into such a contract with you. Within the scope of the user contract, we are contractually obliged to keep the data provided in its precise and complete form for all applications used by you and for the entire duration of the contractual term. During the initial process of data entry we inform you if the provision of personal data is necessary for a particular feature or application ("mandatory field"). Where data is required, any failure to provide this information will result in the respective feature or application not being accessible to you the user. In the case of optional data, not making this information available may mean that our services cannot be provided in the same form or scope.
How is your personal data processed?
1. General statement about the purposes of data processing
The main reason we process personal data is to fulfil our contractual obligations towards our users. The processing of data is required, for example, for us to be able to suggest suitable contacts, services and information to you.
Operating a service like ours is subject to dynamic change by its very nature. It is not therefore possible to share every single detail about our data processing with you, but we do intend to inform you of all the key information. We process data first and foremost in order to fulfill our contractual obligations towards our users. In addition to this, we process your data to preserve our justifiable interests while taking your interests into account (e.g. when we send you promotional newsletters). And, of course, in some cases we are legally obliged to process data (e.g. to pass the data on to any investigative authorities).
When it comes to fulfilling our contractual obligations towards our users, we try to tailor our products and services to the needs of users at all times. Personalisation is important here. Interest and usage profiles are created. In order to be able to show you recommendations, e.g. for jobs, groups or contacts, and to suggest you as a valuable employer contact or potential employee, we must have an idea of what your interests might be. In order to ascertain these interests we use information that you provide to us, in addition to implicit feedback, i.e. information that we obtain through your usage of our service.
2.Information you provide to us
This refers to data we obtain from you directly and information you publish and send on this website such as:
- Login details (e.g. username and password)
- Profile information (e.g. job title, company name, industry, educational background, contact options, photo)
- Messages, group posts, billing details
This includes data that we have obtained from you directly and information that you publish or send on this website. There are both mandatory entry fields (which as marked as such) and optional information you can provide.
Login details
When you register to be able to use our website application(s) we have to record and process certain personal data as your login data.
For e.g.-
E-mail address to log in
Mobile number to log in
Your login data is not visible to third parties. We will not ever pass this information on to third parties under any circumstances.
Period saved for
We delete this data when you delete your user account.
Mandatory information in the social network
You have to fill in certain mandatory fields when you register. This information is essential for a functioning professional network.
For e.g.
First name, last name
Job title and company name
Place: City and country
Across the social network platform on this website 
-First name, last name
-Job title and company name
-Place: City and country
Period saved for
We delete this data when you delete your user account.
Optional information in the social network
As well as the mandatory information we require, you can also enter additional information to make it easier for users to get to know you better and, for example, identify and select you as a suitable professional contact.
For e.g.-
-Business e-mail address and phone number
-Educational background
-Photo or company logo
Across the social network platform on this website 
You can retract most optional information at any time for the future by deleting the respective data in your profile. With your contact details and date of birth, you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether and to what extent this information should be visible for a particular user in the social network.
Period saved for
If you haven't yet deleted the data yourself we will erase it when you delete your user account.
Mandatory information in our website 
In order to provide our services we require certain information from you. 
E-mail address(es)
We use the electronic mail address(es) that you have provided to us to send you regular newsletters and/or status e-mails electronically, in addition to advertising for our own related products and services, or surveys for the purpose of our own market research, unless you have objected to this form of usage. The newsletters are a simple and effective way of finding out about new features, for example, having interesting contacts suggested to you, or receiving certain personal statistics. 
You can unsubscribe to newsletters at any time, by clicking on the link provided at the end of e-mail newsletters. 
Period saved for
If you haven't yet deleted e-mail addresses yourself we will erase them when you delete your user account.
Your contacts in the social network
Those users in the social network who you ask to join your personal network will be saved on your profile in a list of contacts. If a user in the social network confirms your contact request, they become a so-called "confirmed contact" for you. Another way of connecting with users is the more non-committal "Follow" option. The user in the social network who you want to follow does not have to confirm your request.
Other users in the social network can only ever see your confirmed contacts.
Your default privacy settings mean that the list of your confirmed contacts is visible to all users in the social network. 
Period saved for
We delete this data when you delete your user account.
Private messages on the social network
You can send and receive private messages with other users who are your connections or in other words,  in your contact list only. We require you to purchase credits per message (InMails) sent to other users not in your connections or outside of your contact list. 
Private messages can never be accessed by anyone other than those individuals who send or receive them.
The default settings for messages is that only 'confirmed connections' or those that have purchased credits to send you InMails  may send you messages. You can adjust these settings at any time so that either nobody can send you private messages 
Period saved for
We save this data until your user account is deleted. The recipients of your messages will not however have these conversations erased when you delete your user account.
Your shared content and reactions on the social network
In the social network there are various ways of sharing content with others and reacting to content.
For e.g.-
Shared posts and links to the start page of all users.
Shared posts and links to the start page of your confirmed connections only. 
Upload an image
Publish a post
Posts in groups
Generally speaking, the content and reactions you share in the social network are visible to all users in the social network. 
Any comments you make in articles and any content you post in groups marked as "public" are subject to a greater degree of visibility. This information can also be accessed outside of the social network for non-users and can be found in online search engines. 
For individual features the level of visibility may be more restricted (e.g. only visible to contacts). In such cases you will be informed about visibility when using the respective feature. Please be aware that even if you restrict visibility, the content and reactions that you share may become visible beyond your own network if your contacts choose to share this information with other users.
Period saved for
If you haven't yet deleted the the content you shared and the reactions yourself we will erase them or make them anonymous when you delete your user account.